Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of HMC HealthWorks and it's staff to treat you in a manner that acknowledges and supports your basic human rights.

As a participant in any HMC HealthWorks program you have the following rights and responsibilities:

You have the right to… You have the responsibility to…
Know about the philosophy and characteristics of HMC's programs. Ask questions if unclear about any aspect of the HMC program.
Have your personally identifiable health information (PHI) kept confidential, and only shared in accordance with state and federal law. Provide accurate clinical and contact information and notify HMC of any change in this information.
Identify the HMC staff member by name and title and to be able to speak to a supervisor of the staff member if requested. Express your concerns in a constructive manner, and treat the staff courteously and respectfully as partners to promote improved health.
Receive accurate information that is easy to understand. Ask questions regarding information provided if you don’t understand.
Receive information regarding changes in or termination of HMC services. Notify HMC of any changes affecting your eligibility to participate in the program.
Decline participation, revoke consent, or dis-enroll (opt-out) from any HMC program at any time. Understand the possible negative impact on benefits and or incentives (if applicable).
Have your treating provider(s) collaborate with you and your HMC coach in your program
This program does not require your physician to be notified of your participation, however if you wish your treating provider to be notified it is your responsibility.
Be treated courteously and respectfully by the HMC staff. To submit any forms that are necessary to participate in the program, to the extend required by the law.